Election Day 2018! Go Vote!

Throughout the state, voters are making plans and headed to the polls for Election Day! Do you know your plan?

What – Election Day

When – Polls are open from 7AM – 8PM, though the busiest times are 5PM-8PM, so go early if possible!

Where – You can find your polling place here!

For more information on voting in general, please visit the State Board of Elections site here.

For absentee ballots:

You must mail or hand deliver your voted ballot. You cannot submit your voted ballot online, return it by email or fax, or take it to an early voting center or a polling place.

If you hand deliver your ballot, you must deliver it to your local board of elections by 8 pm on election day.

If you mail your ballot, the envelope must be postmarked on or before primary election day (June 26, 2018) or general election day (November 6, 2018) and received by your local board of elections by 10 am on July 6, 2018 (for the primary election) or November 16, 2018 (for the general election).

If you have specific questions, please contact your local board of elections or the State Board of Elections.

If you received a text or call urging you to vote and directing you to this website, please know that that text or call was Paid for and Authorized by the Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus Committee; Patricia L. Horton, Treasurer.