January 30, 2017

Sen. Young (D3) Proposes Legislation Giving Students Right to Choose Participation in Animal Dissections

This past week, Senator Ron Young, of Frederick County, proposed legislation allowing for students to refuse participation in animal dissections. The legislation would require schools boards of each district, both public and nonpublic, to send notices to schools about certain policies, terms, and regulations relating to the student’s choice in refusal.

Senator Young concludes that this piece of legislation would be beneficial to all parties involved, citing that it will save money and reduce the number of animals killed. He also believes it will help bring awareness to the growing sentiment that some people are becoming more conscious of other living animals, and do not wish to see them killed, and or participate in any action that is a direct result of their death.

The Senator would go on to discuss the varying number of alternatives across the nation, and the fact that students in Maryland, should be given this choice as well. You can read the full article in the Frederick News Post, here.