February 1, 2017

Senator Mathias (D-38) Senate Bill 61 Passes With 10-0 Count

Yesterday, January 31st, Senate Bill 61 passed with no contest. This bill, sponsored and proposed by Senator Jim Mathias, would prohibit insurance companies from charging higher co-pays for digital tomography to produce 3-D mammograms as compared to the charges for other breast cancer screening methods.

Currently if a patient is found to have a mass or lump that requires additional testing, insurance companies are not required to pay for a 3-D mammogram which gives a much better image and view of the substance in question.

“Some insurance companies require a higher co-pay for a 3-D mammogram than for a standard mammogram,” he said. “If your doctor says they need that imaging to be more clear, I think you should be treated equally in the eye of the law.” Said Senator Mathias on the bill.

A full summary, documentation, and history of the bill can be found on the Maryland General Assembly website, here.