Monthly Archives: January 2019

Maryland Senators Unanimously Sponsor Legislation to Reinstate State Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage

It’s a rare occurrence when the entire Maryland Senate joins together to sponsor a piece of legislation, just that happened however with Senate Bill 193. Citing an outcry from countless state retirees over the changes put in place by 2011 pension reform legislation, Senate Bill 193 would keep in place the long-utilized state retiree pension […]

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Senator Mary Washington Leads Annual King Celebration

Recognized and celebrated in Maryland since 1974 and nationally since 1986, the birth of acclaimed civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has long been a reason to pause to contemplate the true meanings of both equality and justice. Earlier this week, the Maryland Senate continued its annual tradition of reflecting on the life […]

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Maryland State Senators Call For End to Federal Government Shutdown

Citing hardship faced by over 147,000 Maryland federal employees, a group of 28 Maryland State Senators today called upon President Trump to initiate a bipartisan compromise that ends the partial federal government shutdown. In a letter to President Trump, the Senators stated: “In the Maryland State Senate we have a proven track record of working […]

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