March 4, 2019

Senator Ellis Leads Effort to Protect Government Workers from Potential Shutdowns

In a Friday afternoon hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Arthur Ellis (District 28 – Charles County) detailed his emergency legislation (Senate Bill 512) that would protect government workers in the event of a government shutdown. The legislation would prohibit the termination of utility services and stop foreclosures or evictions if a federal or state employee is furloughed from work because of a government shutdown.

A distinguished veteran of the United States Air Force, the legislation is of special significance to Ellis. “We want to offer these benefits which will give them (federal or state employees) a lot of peace of mind during these periods of hardship,” said Senator Ellis. He followed: “These are very important workers and this (legislation) will provide peace of mind during any future period of hardship.”

Joining Senator Ellis in his sponsorship of the legislation are thirty-five bi-partisan Senate co-sponsors including Senators Augustine (D-District 47), Bailey (R-District 29), Beidle (D-District 32), Benson (D-District 24), Carozza (R-District 38), Carter (D-District 41), Elfreth (D-District 30), Feldman (D-District 15), Ferguson (D-District 46), Griffith (D-District 25), Guzzone (D-District 13), Hayes (D-District 40), Hester (D-District 9), Jennings (R-District 7), Kagan (D-District 17), King (D-District 39), Klausmeier (D-District 8), Kramer (D-District 19), Lam (D-District 12), Lee (D-District 16), McCray (D-District 45), Miller (D-District 27), Nathan-Pulliam (D-District 44), Patterson (D-District 26), Peters (D-District 23), Pinsky (D-District 22), Reilly (R-District 33), Rosapepe (D-District 21), Smith (D-District 20), Waldstreicher (D-District 18), Washington (D-District 43), West (R-District 42), Young (D-District 3), Zirkin (D-District 11), and Zucker (D-District 14).

Senate Bill 512 is cross-filed in the House of Delegates with House Bill 1318 and sponsored by Delegate Cheryl Glenn (District 45 – Baltimore City). House Bill 1318 is currently in the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee awaiting consideration. Senate Bill 301 now awaits a vote in its committee of origin, the Senate Finance Committee. All legislation must successfully pass both the Maryland Senate and the Maryland House of Delegates by Sine Die on Monday, April 8th to be sent to Governor Hogan to be approved or vetoed.