March 11, 2019

Peters Hears Budget Requests as New Chairman of Senate Capital Budget Subcommittee

In his first official Bond Initiative Saturday as Chairman, Senator Douglas J.J. Peters (District 23 – Prince George’s) and the Senate Capital Budget Subcommittee heard capital budget requests in the day-long hearing. An institution for decades, Bond Initiative Saturday is the traditional day where most capital funding requests are heard before the Capital Budget Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Subcommittee and the Capital Budget Subcommittee of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. The committees hear each individual initiative and make funding recommendations to the full House Appropriations Committee and Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

Together the committees heard hundreds of bills requesting tens of millions in state funds. The joint hearings, with both Capital Budget Subcommittees, were somewhat of a switch as bond bills were previously heard separately in the House and Senate respectively until this year.

The Senate Capital Budget Subcommittee has functioned since 1976 and is made up of Chairman Douglas Peters (D- District 23), Vice Chairman Craig Zucker (D- District 14), along with Senators Edwards (R- District 1), Elfreth (D- District 30), Ferguson (D-District 46), Guzzone (D-District 13), and McCray (D- District 45).

The House Capital Budget Subcommittee has also functioned since 1976 and is made up of Chairwoman Adrienne Jones (D- District 10), Vice Chairman Ben Barnes (D- District 21), along with Delegates Beitzel (R- District 1A), Chang (D- District 32), Gaines (D- District 22), Ghrist (R- District 36), Haynes (D- District 44A), Korman (D- District 16), Lierman (D- District 46), McKay (R- District 1C), Reznik (D- District 39), and Valentino-Smith (D- District 23A). Additionally, Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Maggie McIntosh (D- District 43) serves as an ex officio member of the committee.

An allocation in the Governor’s budget each year, the Capital Budget Program includes $15 million in funding for individual legislative bond requests for the coming fiscal year. The House and the Senate typically pass both the State Operating and Capital Budgets by the 83rd day of the legislative session (April 1st this year).