March 28, 2019

Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto; Approves $15 Minimum Wage

By a margin of 32-15, Maryland Senators voted today to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of Senate Bill 280. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Cory McCray (D- Baltimore City), raises Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 by the year 2025.

The legislation is estimated to raise wages for some 573,000 Maryland workers or 22% of our State’s workforce. Of those 573,000 workers, estimates indicate that 55% are women, 28% are Latino, and 25% are African American.

According to bill sponsor Senator Cory McCray, “The Fight for $15 sends a message that the State of Maryland values working class families who play an invaluable role in our economy but are struggling to afford basic living expenses. Like the majority of our state’s voters, the Maryland Senate recognizes that now is the time to raise the minimum wage to $15.”

“Today’s $15/hour wage vote shows working Marylanders who’s fighting to raise their incomes — and who isn’t,” said Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Jim Rosapepe (D- College Park). “All Democrats voted yes for working families — and all Republicans voted no. Couldn’t be clearer.”

Twelve days now remain in the 2019 Maryland General Assembly Session until it adjourns Sine Dine at midnight on April 9th.