April 23, 2019

2019 Senate Session Highlights – Senator Arthur Ellis

The 2019 General Assembly Session ended at midnight on April 9th, capping an eventful first session for Senator Arthur Ellis (District 28 – Charles County). In his first legislative session as Senator, Ellis would be directly involved with some eighty-seven pieces of legislation and serve as the lead sponsor of seven varied and interesting bills (you can find a link to each of these bills by clicking here). Of the seven bills that he carried, two passed both Chambers of the General Assembly and are now poised to become Maryland law.

Senate Bill 512 – Government Shutdowns – Employees – Protections

This emergency bill provides specified protections for employees of the federal or State government or a local government in the State involuntarily furloughed from work without pay because of a government shutdown.

Senate Bill 513 – State Board of Public Accountancy – Firm Permits – Attest Services

This bill authorizes an out-of-state public accountancy firm to perform all (instead of just two) “attest” services in the State without a firm permit issued by the State Board of Public Accountancy, under specified conditions.

After a successful 2019 legislative session, Senator Ellis now looks ahead to the 2020 session where he’ll bring with him the experience of a productive and effective first year in the Maryland General Assembly.