June 28, 2019

Maryland Senate to Judiciary Series Senator/Judge John Corderman

Born in Hagerstown in 1942, Senator/Judge John Printz Corderman would be a product of both Hagerstown public schools and Hagerstown Junior College before leaving home to attend the University of Maryland for his undergraduate and legal education.

A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law in 1968, Corderman would be admitted to the bar that same year thus beginning a career dedicated to justice and public service. A Deputy State’s Attorney for Washington County from 1971 until pursuing election to the Maryland Senate in 1974, his attempt at elected office would prove successful and he’d begin service in the Maryland Senate in 1975.

Corderman’s tenure in the Senate would prove brief as he’d be appointed as an Associate Judge on the Circuit Court for Washington County in 1977. He’d be elected to a fifteen-year judicial term in 1978 and would subsequently serve until 1993.

Corderman’s service to his community wasn’t limited to his public life however. He would serve a number of years in local community organizations in Washington County including both the Board of Directors of both the YMCA from 1983-1989 and the Washington County Rotary from 1986-1991.

While known for his advocacy of gun control legislation and support of strict sentences for violent offenders as a jurist, Corderman would famously be the victim of a pipe bombing attack in his home on December 22, 1989. He’d ultimately recover and serve the remainder of his judicial term, but the attack gained national media coverage as he sustained both shrapnel wounds and a partial hearing loss that lasted the rest of his life.

Corderman passed away in 2012 at the age of 70. He left behind a legacy of dedication to justice that endures to this day and now also endures through the service of his son Paul Corderman who serves as a Maryland State Delegate representing Washington County in the Maryland General Assembly.