August 6, 2019

Senate Decades Series 2000s Senator Brian Frosh

A member of the Maryland Senate from 1995-2015, current Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh became a clear and strong leader for the Maryland Senate over the decade that was the 2000s.

A native of Montgomery County, Frosh graduated from Walter Johnson High School, Wesleyan University and the Columbia University School of Law before embarking on a career as a public servant as a legislative assistant to then New Jersey U.S. Senator Harrison Williams, Jr. from 1972-1976.

Frosh would come to public life upon his election to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1986. He’d serve in the House from 1987 until his election to the Maryland Senate in 1994. He’d stay in the Senate for some twenty years until 2014 when he’d be elected Maryland’s 46th Attorney General.

Widely known for his legal acumen while a member of the Maryland Senate, Frosh would serve as the Chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee from 2003-2015. In that time he’d be a legislative leader on numerous important issues including consumer protection, energy efficiency, and criminal justice reform.

Elected as Maryland’s Attorney General in 2014, Frosh has represented the interests of the people of Maryland as it’s’ lawyer in the 5+ years that have followed protecting the interests of the state on a local and national level.

The leadership of Attorney General Frosh has truly proven an example of public service to many and he has prominently taken his place in the history of Maryland’s lawmakers over the 2000s and continuing to this day.