Daily Archives: August 23, 2019

President Pro Tempore Series Senator Katherine Klausmeier

Maryland’s current Senate President Pro Tem, Senator Katherine Klausmeier has served in the position since January 2019 but has already left an indelible mark on the position. A native of Maryland and a graduate of the Catholic High School of Baltimore, Klausmeier came to public office in 1994 upon her election the Maryland House of […]

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President Pro Tempore Series Senator Nathaniel McFadden

Maryland’s Senate President Pro Tem from 2007-2019 and a Maryland State Senator for some twenty-four years, Senator Nathaniel McFadden certainly left his mark on the offices that he held. An educator by trade, McFadden would become a teacher at Dunbar High School (1968-1975), a head of the Social Studies Department at Lombard Junior High Schools […]

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