August 23, 2019

President Pro Tempore Series Senator Nathaniel McFadden

Maryland’s Senate President Pro Tem from 2007-2019 and a Maryland State Senator for some twenty-four years, Senator Nathaniel McFadden certainly left his mark on the offices that he held.

An educator by trade, McFadden would become a teacher at Dunbar High School (1968-1975), a head of the Social Studies Department at Lombard Junior High Schools (1975-1982), and a Principal at Dunbar Adult Evening School (1979-1982) following and coinciding with his own graduations from Morgan State University in 1968 (B.A., Geography and History Education) and 1972 (M.S., History and Social Science).

He would come to the Maryland General Assembly following his victory in the 1994 elections. Representing Baltimore City’s 45th legislative district, McFadden quickly proved a leader for both the State and for his community.

McFadden’s General Assembly career would see him hold numerous positions of authority including stops as the Senate Majority Leader, Chairman of the Baltimore City Senate Delegation, Vice Chairman of the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee, Vice Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee Capital Budget Subcommittee.

McFadden’s legislative career would be known for his desire to both meet the needs of his constituents and to bring back much-needed resources to Baltimore City. In an interview with the AFRO in July 2018, United States Congressman Elijah Cummings described McFadden in glowing terms. He stated: “Nathaniel McFadden is a true statesman who, for more than two decades, has fought tirelessly for the people he is sworn to represent. It is not uncommon for Sen. McFadden to call my office personally about an issue facing one of his constituents.”

Numerous honors would come to McFadden during his time in the Senate, not the least of which was the prestigious Maryland First Citizen Award (2009) as well as appreciation awards from both the Maryland Municipal League (2008) and the Maryland Association of Counties (2002).

Upon leaving the office of Maryland Senate President Pro Tem, Senator Nathaniel McFadden clearly left a mark on the Maryland General Assembly and a legacy of service paralleled by very few.