September 11, 2019

Committee Vice Chairs Series Senator Lisa Gladden

A Maryland State Senator from January 8, 2003 to January 11, 2017, Senator Lisa Gladden was a strong and principled leader for the body over her legislative tenure and served as the Vice Chair of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee from 2007-2016.

Senator Gladden would come to elected office following the 1998 elections after winning a seat in the House of Delegates representing Baltimore and Maryland’s 41st legislative district. Gladden would serve in the House for one-term until she’d be elected to serve her district in the State Senate in 2002. She’d serve in the Senate for an additional 15 years until her resignation for health reasons in 2017.

A native of Baltimore, Gladden would attend Western High School then go on to Duke University and the University of Maryland School of Law. She’d graduate from law school in 1991 and thus begin her career in law upon admission to the Maryland Bar that same year. She’d correspondingly serve as a law clerk for Judge Mabel Hubbard (of the Baltimore City Circuit Court) from 1991-1993 before becoming an Assistant Public Defender with the Office of the Baltimore City Public Defender in 1993 (where she’d serve throughout her tenure in the Senate).

Issues of justice would always be at the forefront for Senator Gladden as she’d serve as a member of the committees of origin for judicial issues in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate over her General Assembly tenure, serving as a member of the House Judiciary Committee from 1999-2002 and as a member of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee from 2003-2017. She’d also rise to serve as the Vice Chair of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee from 2006-2017.

Her time as an elected official would also be known for her advocacy for the disenfranchised and those needing a second chance. She’d be a fierce advocate for the needs of Baltimore City and chief among her legislative accomplishments was sponsoring the legislation that ended Maryland’s death penalty in 2013.

Gladden would leave Annapolis in 2017, having served her community with great honor and having proved herself a true leader for the Maryland Senate.