October 7, 2019

Senate Democrats Celebrate Environmental Accomplishments

After a session filled with environmental progress, Maryland Senators received news of record scores from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters in the annual Scorecard publication from the organization. The average 2019 score of the thirty-two Maryland Senate Democrats was an astounding 99.69%. The average lifetime score of each of these Maryland Senate Democrats rose to an impressive 93.78%.

The 2019 legislative session saw the Senate take a number of steps to protect Maryland’s environment for future generations. Senators passed Senate Bill 285 from Senator Cheryl Kagan (D-Montgomery County) prohibiting the sale of polluting polystyrene food containers in both food- service businesses and schools beginning on January 1, 2020. Senate Bill 516 from Senator Brian Feldman (D-Montgomery County) alters Maryland’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard to ensure that Maryland again becomes a leader in renewable energy usage and in the fight against climate change. The bill requires 50% of Maryland’s energy to come from renewable sources by the year 2030 and initiates a study to plan ways for Maryland to reach 100% renewable energy usage by 2040.

For a complete copy of the 2019 Maryland League of Conservation Voters Scorecard, you can find it here. For more information on all thirty-two Maryland Senate Democrats, please visit www.mdsenate.com.