November 25, 2019

Baltimore County Celebration Series Senator Ed Kasemeyer

A member of the Maryland General Assembly for over thirty years, Ed Kasemeyer would serve as a Maryland State Senator from 1987-1991 and 1995-2019, and a Maryland State Delegate from 1983-1987.

Born in Baltimore in 1945, Kasemeyer would graduate from Howard County Senior High School before making his way to Western Maryland College where he’d receive a degree in Political Science in 1967.

Kasemeyer would begin his career in public office upon his election to the Howard County Democratic Central Committee where he’d serve from1978-1982. He’d seek and win election to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1982. He’d serve in the House from 1983-1987 as a member of the Economic Matters Committee (1983-1987) and the Savings and Loan Oversight Committee (1986). He’d leave the House of Delegates in 1987 upon his election to the Maryland Senate.

Kasemeyer’s time in the Senate would be highlighted by numerous positions of responsibility including service as Chairman of the Budget and Taxation Committee (2011-2019), Senate Chairman of the Spending Affordability Committee (2003-2006), Senate Chair of the Special Joint Committee on Pensions (1997-2006), Chairman of the Howard County Senate Delegation (2004-2008), and Deputy Senate Majority Leader (2003-2007, 1996-2001). He’d also serve as a member of the Rules Committee (2003-2019), the Executive Nominations Committee (2003-2019), the Legislative Policy Committee (1997-2019), and the Spending Affordability Committee (2003-2019).

For both his professional and legislative efforts, Kasemeyer was awarded numerous honors. These recognitions included the John R. Hargreaves Distinguished Legislative Fellow Award from Salisbury University (2016), the Maryland Senate First Citizen Award (2015), the Public Supporter of the Year Award from the Maryland Food Food Bank (2014), the Champion for Real Lives Award from the Developmental Disabilities Coalition (2013), the Legislator of the Year Award from the Mental Health Association of Maryland (2012), the President’s Award from the Maryland Independent College University Association (2009), the Municipal Star Award from the Maryland Municipal League (2011), and the Legislative Leadership Award from the ARC of Maryland (2008).

Kasemeyer left office in January 2019 and he clearly left behind a lasting legacy of service to the people of Maryland that will endure for years to come.