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John Astle: Maryland Hall cut pointless blow at city

I’ve had the great privilege of representing the city of Annapolis for 33 years. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with six governors and with colleagues from both political parties to find common ground on a number of issues. However, when Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed $2 million worth of capital projects for Maryland […]

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Baltimore Sun: Hogan can’t make spending switch without Assembly OK

By Timothy B. Wheeler Twice in the past few days, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has declared that he won’t spend money as the Democratic-controlled legislature prescribed in the budget, and will instead spend it for causes he favors. Hogan said he would take $68 million that lawmakers set aside for schools and use it to […]

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Rascovar: Hogan’s hypocrisy on pension funding and school aid

As Rascovar points out, the Legislature fully met its pension obligations, contributed an additional $75 million overpayment to the pension fund, and set aside funds to fully fund K-12 Education, including GCEI. To say otherwise is inaccurate and disingenuous. Barry Rascovar has been covering Maryland politics since 1971. The topics and opinions in his Monday […]

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