Senator Robert "Bobby" Zirkin

District 11 (Baltimore County)

Annapolis Office
Miller Senate Office Building, Room 2E
11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 841-3131, (301) 858-3131
fax: (410) 841-3737, (301) 858-3737

The Zirkin Family

Bobby and his family grew up in the Smith-Greenspring area of Pikesville. Bobby currently resides in Pikesville with his wife Tina, an emergency room nurse, and his two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Emma. Bobby is the youngest son of Drs. Barry and Barbara Zirkin. Barry is a professor at The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Barbara is Associate Dean at Stevenson University. Bobby has one brother, Bill, who is an Emergency Room Physician at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Bobby’s sister-in-law Anat is a school psychologist in the Baltimore County Public Schools. Bill and Anat have two beautiful children Jonah and Talia.


Bobby attended local Baltimore County public schools Wellwood Elementary, Pikesville Middle, and Pikesville High School. Bobby earned his Bachelor’s Degree at The Johns Hopkins University majoring in political science. Bobby spent his junior year abroad in Europe, studying politics and international relations at the London School of Economics, and studying European integration at the American University in Brussels. When Bobby returned from Europe, he graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins. Bobby returned to Europe on a Watson Fellowship to study university athletics in the European Union. Following a year in Europe, Bobby returned to attend the Georgetown University Law Center where he earned his Juris Doctorate.

Political Beginnings

As a first year law student at Georgetown, Bobby created and led the ‘Democratic Youth Bus Tour’ and modeled it after a successful Maryland tour that Bobby directed as President of the Young Democrats of Maryland. As part of the tour, Bobby led a group of young people on a 40 state, 80 day, 18,000 mile campaign trip around the nation for the re-election of President Bill Clinton. In each state, Bobby’s group held events that attracted and registered young voters. The success of the tour caught the attention of local and national media, and became a major component of the Democratic youth outreach for the 1996 Presidential election. At the end of the tour, the Democratic Party recognized Bobby’s efforts and asked him to deliver a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Bobby delivered a prime-time, nationally televised speech on the first night of the Convention.

House of Delegates

Bobby was elected to the House of Delegates at the age of 26 and fresh out of law school. Bobby was appointed to the Judiciary Committee under the Chairmanship of Delegate Joe Vallario (D-Prince George’s County), and served with Delegate Ken Montague on the Juvenile Law Subcommittee. Bobby introduced a variety of bills on many different topics, and focused his attention on K-12 class size reduction, summer education for at-risk youth, and juvenile justice issues. In 2002, as a veteran of the Judiciary Committee, Bobby became the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Juvenile Law, working on the important reform of child welfare in our state. Bobby began to tackle that enormous challenge and continues that battle today. Bobby served with distinction for eight years in the House of Delegates with a variety of legislative accomplishments on state and local issues. His success set the stage for his next challenge.

State Senator

With the help of his many supporters, Bobby was elected to the Maryland State Senate in 2006 in an overwhelming victory. Bobby first served as a member of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and served a year on the Budget and Tax Committee. He was appointed to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and continues to serve in that capacity today. In the State Senate, Bobby has been a leading voice on issues such as juvenile justice, gSenator Zirkin On The Trailroup home reform, criminal justice, civil procedure, and family law. Bobby has introduced and passed important legislation in the areas of divorce reform, sex offender crimes, drunk driving, domestic violence, animal cruelty, family leave for military families, human trafficking, and drug policy reform. Bobby has taken the lead on creating a hybrid school board in Baltimore County and has worked tirelessly to advance the takeover of the Rosewood land by Stevenson University. Bobby continues to be a fierce advocate for the State’s children and students.

A Practicing Attorney

Bobby opened The Law Office of Bobby Zirkin, a small law practice in Owings Mills, after his election to the Maryland House of Delegates. Over the years, the practice has grown and now has 5 practicing attorneys and a large support staff. Bobby is proud of the growth of his law practice and of growing and owning a small business. The Law Office handles cases including civil, criminal, and family law, personal injury of all type, workers compensation, and contract law. Practicing law in the Courts of Maryland has helped to give Bobby a greater understanding of the real impacts of the laws passed in the General Assembly. Bobby also believes that the experience of growing and owning a small business, of having to pay expenses, making payroll, and providing employee benefits, has made him more attune to the challenges faced by small businesses across the state.

On to the Future

Bobby has been serving in the Maryland General Assembly since his election in 1998. He is proud of his many legislative accomplishments. Bobby brings passion, energy, experience, and integrity to his work. He continues to inspire the younger generations with his constant presence in the schools and his hard work on issues of education, juvenile justice, and child welfare. Bobby welcomes input from his constituents and works tirelessly to achieve greater communication. Bobby is a fierce advocate for the 11th District and Baltimore County and is truly making a difference in the community and for our State.

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