Senator Shelly Hettleman

District 11 (Baltimore County)

Annapolis Office
203 James Senate Office Bldg.
11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 841-3131, (301) 858-3131
fax: (410) 841-3737, (301) 858-3737

Who She Is and What She Stands For

Senator Shelly Hettleman was appointed to the Senate and sworn in as the 11th District Senator on February 3, 2020 after having been elected in 2014 to the House of Delegates where she served on the House Appropriations Committee. In the House, Shelly was the lead sponsor of a number of bills that have become law on a variety of important issues: helping college students seek transparency in their student loan debt, expanding tax credit availability for loan debt to graduate students, requiring for-profit educational institutions to be more transparent and accountable, broadening the access and availability of contraceptives and creating a statewide standard for the preservation and testing of rape kits are a few of her bills.

In the Senate, Shelly serves on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and in her first year in the Senate, saw a number of her bills pass including expanding insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization to single women, consumer related protections for older adults and their families seeking housing referrals, and reform to police policies related to sexual assault survivors.

Shelly ran for office because she believes so profoundly in public service. Throughout her life, she has practiced what she preaches. Her record of effective public-interest and community service, her devotion to family and family values, and her integrity and independence are proven. She continues to demonstrate her commitment to the 11th District, where she and her family have deep roots. She has not done that with flashy promises, but with hard work on behalf of families, children and seniors. She advocates and serves with integrity, just as her constituents elected her to do.

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